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Michele's Biography

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Michele Bardsley pens paranormal tales about Broken Heart, Oklahoma, conjures the Violetta Graves ghost mysteries, and posts the sexy paranormal serial The Alpha Kings on the Radish app. She also writes true crime non-fiction, NoSleep stories, dark tales, and the Blackerby County thrillers under the name Michele Freeman. And she writes young adult paranormal fiction as Michele Vail.

In the last four decades, Michele worked as a:

  • journalist (managing editor of both her high school and college newspapers)

  • novelist (including writing books for Penguin Random and HarlequinTEEN)

  • acquisitions editor at a small Las Vegas publication

  • freelance writer with work appearing in publications such as Fodor's, Writer's Digest, and Byline

  • senior editor at an independent electronic publisher

  • freelance editor working with a number of independently published authors.

Michele loves zombies, Chihuahuas, and dark chocolate. She resides in Texas with her husband and their adorable fur babies.

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The Alpha Kings Serial on Radish

Rowr, Baby! The Alpha Kings is an ongoing paranormal werewolf, vampire, fairy, shifter, and witch romance serial available exclusively on the Radish app.

Ready for supernaturally sexy times and humorous heart-pounding adventures?

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